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The corner of the "Peach Blossom Village" Museum


Cultural gallery tells the story of Chinese traditional culture

Nearly 4,000 square meters of cultural square brought the style of European architectural culture to Deqing

China Daily News Zhejiang Channel News has an intuitive understanding of antex's corporate culture for the first time. On December 6 last year, in the eighth season of China Satellite TV Show, their 18 women workers used a comparable professional dancer. The level of dance shocked the audience and quickly became popular online. A few days ago, when this website entered this company to feel its corporate culture, it was really felt that antex Fashion is not so much a business, but rather a business culture. Moreover, unlike other companies, antex is a perfect combination of Chinese and Western culture.
Chairman's Olive Tree Episode
When you come to antex Fashion Co., Ltd. in Deqing Economic Development Zone, the first thing that comes to your attention is a large olive grove that is opposite the company's gate. How do these darlings of the Mediterranean climate appear on the land of northern Zhejiang?
It turned out that Chairman Qian Anhua had been doing business in the Kingdom of Spain for many years. In his own words, the influence of San Mao’s literary work Olive Tree was very deep, because the olive tree is a symbol of peace, courage and victory. There is a kind of reverence.
“When I first set foot on the Iberian Peninsula to see the olive trees, I was very excited. At that time, I had an idea to slowly collect some old trees and transplant them to China. Later, After we started the business in Deqing, I told the Development Zone Management Committee that this area was not as good as the olive tree, and the development zone accepted my suggestion. So I immediately asked the experts of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences to understand The characteristics of the olive tree, and the introduction of small saplings for experimentation.... At present, the 200 olive trees here have passed the isolation period of two years, and after another year, they can be as good as in Spain." Qian Anhua Proudly said.
On March 17, 2014, Li Qiang, deputy secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and governor, came to antex Fashion Co., Ltd. to investigate. More than 200 Spanish millennium olive trees planted inside and outside antex Company attracted the interest of Li Qiang. After the ins and outs, Li Qiang believes that this is also a cultural introduction and one of the corporate cultures. He greatly appreciated Qian Anhua's move, saying that few companies are willing to spend such a big price to do such a thing.
Chairman's cultural confidence
During the two hours of interviews with this website, Qian Anhua did not talk about the business situation of the company, but discussed the Chinese Confucian culture and the history of the evolution of Western culture. In his view, China’s If a fashion enterprise wants to surpass the West in the world, in addition to having a correct understanding of the profound Chinese culture, it must also have a more accurate analysis of Western history and culture. “Why, so far, most of the famous brands in the global fashion industry come from Western countries? Today, China’s economy is unprecedentedly strong and culture is becoming more and more confident. Today, Chinese companies can have more say in the field of fashion culture. China's famous brands can become world famous brands. We must see that fashion culture is rooted in national culture. Europe has led the world for a long time, but now it has been weak. In the face of such historical opportunities, we must be firm. Move the land to publicize and spread our fashion culture ideas, and dare to go out and communicate and collide with the world." Qian Anhua said.
From September 26th to October 10th, 2012, Qian Anhua led 166 members of the Taohuazhuang People's Tower Club to go to Catalonia, Spain for cultural and artistic exchanges and visits. After arriving in Barcelona, ??Qian Anhua first led a group of members to hold a ceremony to worship the ancestors, praying for the ancestors to shelter the entire mission of Spain. "The half-hour worship ceremony has caused a lot of shock in the local area. What we have presented to the local people is our pride in our own culture. The Spaniards have praised us Chinese people for their true beliefs," Qian Anhua said.
At the doorstep of others, you respect the local culture, and you will attract the attention of the other party and create a space for the spread of your own culture. The club’s trip to Spain is a showcase of the crowded towers that the locals are proud of. It is said that a Korean performing group recently encountered a cold spot there, and this time the Chinese stack tower was unexpectedly popular. Many mainstream media in Europe have conducted in-depth reports. It seems that Qian Anhua has mastered the "life gate" of cultural exchanges.
Party building culture and national culture lead the development of corporate culture
Entering the entire factory named Antao (Deqing) Fashion Co., Ltd., named “Peach Blossom Village”, you will find that this is a big stage for cultural exchanges and collisions between China and the West – a quaint cultural corridor tells the story of Chinese traditional culture. The calligraphy forest on both sides is a classic idiom story and more than 500 classical poems by Qian Anhua personally and carefully selected nearly a thousand ancient Chinese benevolent people. Together with the antique pavilion bridge and antique wooden building (Swallow House), they will be China. The traditional cultural elements are vividly expressed. In the center of the factory is a cultural square of nearly 4,000 square meters. A 39-meter-high monument is built on the square. The sculptures are full of historical achievements. The buildings around the square and the square are all Spanish-style, with a strong atmosphere. European Renaissance atmosphere.
"The Renaissance 500 years ago made Europe a world of culture. Now our country is building a cultural powerhouse. That is to say, we are in the great historical journey of cultural rejuvenation. After this stage, we will be a cultural power. The posture stands in the world's national forest. Two styles of culture appear in our factory at the same time, I just want to interpret this concept," Qian Anhua said.
In recent years, antex has invested more than 16 million yuan in building corporate culture facilities, and strives to create a good working and living environment for employees. This plays a big role in ensuring the stability of employees, and the number of employees continues to expand. The staff has stabilized, the production capacity has naturally increased, and the speed of enterprise development has also increased. On August 16, 2011, the chairman of the company, Qian Anhua, participated in the “National Advanced Coordination and Experience Exchange Conference on Building Harmonious Labor Relations” in Beijing, and was cordially received by the leaders of Xi Jinping and the state.
"Corporate culture construction is to continuously create a better life, let the most ordinary employees show their talents on the highest stage. The vitality and self-confidence radiated from the employees' faces is the result of corporate culture construction," Qian Anhua said.
Qian Anhua is the party branch secretary of the company. Under his inspiration, many employees have actively asked to join the party. All kinds of activities, party members are the backbone of the project, their words and deeds are very self-disciplined, the party members' positive and positive spirits drive the people around, everyone is proud of the collective - this is the power of party building culture! "Party culture is the best culture of a company. It is the most universal, advanced, inclusive, representative, practical, integrated and consistent. The expression of party work is 'love', with 'love' To run our business, to care for our employees with 'love', to make the company's big love omnipresent, like spring, warm, full of vitality and vitality, to nourish the hearts of every employee. Through various cultural activities, enterprises to the majority of cadres The attractiveness, cohesiveness and combat effectiveness of the employees have been continuously improved, forming a 'one fortress of a party branch and a banner of a party member, which has effectively promoted the development of the enterprise,” Qian Anhua said.
Now, a large-scale song and dance drama "Deqing Impression", all of which is performed by employees, is being rehearsed, which is the first in the country. Excellent corporate culture must actively move toward the society, spread the mainstream culture to the society, and transmit positive energy. It is antex's cultural business card to control the proportion of traditional culture and Western cultural elements and promote the perfect integration of corporate culture and social culture. In order to make this business card more loud, antex just established Deqing antex Culture Communication Co., Ltd. From cultural undertakings to cultural industries, antex people have opened new voyages on the road of cultural dreams.

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