Qian Anhua, born in 1963, member of the Communist Party of China (joined the party in 1983). Well-known entrepreneurs, currently the chairman of Zhejiang Deyu Import and Export Co., Ltd., Antai (Deqing) Fashion Co., Ltd., Shandong Antai Fashion Co., Ltd., Suzhou Yitai Clothing Co., Ltd. It also has FABI SECRET Vietnam Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Antai Agriculture and Forestry Technology Co., Ltd., Spain Axant Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., Barcelona, Spain, Cavani Hotel, Spain Anchaneda Trading Company, Spain Aiweihua Winery, Hangzhou An Long Clothing Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Antai Film and Television Co., Ltd., Deqing Antai Information Technology Co., Ltd., Deqing Antai Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Deqing Xiaobeiyi Hotel and other enterprises.


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