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Description:On September 27, 2016, the Government of...

     On September 27, 2016, the Government of Catalonia and the Office of Foreign Affairs and Government Affairs opened for the 26th “Crowd Tower” competition in the city of Tarragona. The tower team held a welcoming ceremony. The Director of the Foreign Affairs Office, Rohma, the Director of the Cultural Affairs Department, Bila, and the origin of the custom of the "Folding Tower" - Mr. Badt, the mayor of Vals, and Qian Anhua, the founder of the Taohuazhuang Tower of Hangzhou, China, and their leaders More than 200 people, including members of the Tower, attended the event. Tang Heng, Consul General of China in Barcelona, was invited to attend and deliver a speech.

     Consul General Tang Heng said that the “Folding Tower” originated in the 18th century is the most characteristic traditional folk activity in the Catalonia Autonomous Region. With the deepening of exchanges and cooperation between China and Canada, the movement has gradually become known to the Chinese. I like it very much. I am very happy to see the Hangzhou Taohuazhuang People’s Tower Team as the first foreign team to participate in this “Crowd Tower” competition. Consul General Tang said that cultural exchanges play an important role in strengthening bilateral relations. The "Stacking Towers" movement is a good channel for cultural exchanges between China and the people of Canada, and provides a platform for mutual learning and mutual learning between the two sides. The two sides communicated their feelings and deepened friendship. Consul General Tang always wished the Hangzhou Taohuazhuang Tower to achieve good results in the competition.

     In his speech, Romewa welcomed the arrival of the Hangzhou Taohuazhuang Tower. He said that the "Stacked Tower" is one of the important symbols of the Canadian culture. It belongs to the plus region and belongs to all mankind. He hopes this Cultural symbols can gradually move toward the world, and people from different regions are welcome to integrate into the local society, share the culture of the Canadian region, and jointly build a common cultural cause for mankind. Bila said that cultural exchanges are an important part of bilateral exchanges. This exchange will definitely contribute to the exchange of friendship between the two sides and the strengthening of bilateral friendly relations.

     Before the ceremony, Romeva met with the guests and exchanged views on further strengthening cultural and cultural exchanges between China and Canada. Qian Anhua expressed his love for the "stacked tower" movement and expressed the hope that through his own efforts, this folk custom can enter China and be recognized and understood by more people.

     The members of the Hangzhou Taohuazhuang People's Tower team who came to participate in the competition also performed an exciting "Crowd Tower" performance on the spot, which made the audience amazed.

 The Hangzhou Taohuazhuang Tower of China has a total of 166 players. They will go to Tarragona to participate in the 26th "Crowd Tower" competition held on October 1-2, becoming the first in the history of this competition. A foreign team.

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