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Description:Promote the spirit of Silk Road and achieve win-...

Promote the spirit of Silk Road and achieve win-win cooperation.
This year marks the fifth anniversary of President Xi Jinping’s initiative to propose the “Belt and Road” initiative.
In the past five years, with the joint efforts of all parties,
The “Belt and Road” construction has transformed from ideas to actions.
From vision to reality, and achieved fruitful results.
On March 31, the “Belt and Road” 20-nation economic and cultural exchange group came to Antai (Deqing) Fashion Co., Ltd. 33 students from Sudan, Iran, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Uganda, France, Ethiopia and other high-level seminars and more than 40 overseas students from France, Italy, South America, Thailand, Russia, Southeast Asia participated in the cultural exchange. .

The Central People's Broadcasting Station, China Daily, Zhejiang Voice, China News Network, and People's Daily Online have reported on the exchange.
Activity scene

▲Mr. Qian Anhua, Chairman of Antex Group, delivered a speech

▲Mr. Mulie, Consul General of Ethiopia in Shanghai, delivered a speech

▲The stack of people from the Taohuazhuang Tower Club

▲Ethiopian staff folk customs performance

Humanities communication and economic cooperation are two equally important main lines, which complement each other and promote each other. In 2013, General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed the initiative to build a community of human destiny for the first time. In the past five years, this initiative has been endorsed and endorsed by more and more political parties, international organizations, experts and scholars, and the public. The initiative to build a community of human destiny has become a distinctive banner of diplomacy in a new era with Chinese characteristics. Strengthening the exchanges and mutual learning of different civilizations and promoting multicultural coexistence and common prosperity are the trends of world cultural development and also reflect the cultural character of China. China's activities with the countries along the route to conduct more extensive cultural exchanges, academic exchanges, and talent cooperation can lay a more solid foundation for deepening bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

▲Mr. Qian Anhua and the Consul General Mulic
The backbone of the Ethiopian project has reached the headquarters of Antex Deqing and will conduct a full range of skills training for at least three months. The company hopes to let the company catch up with the international cooperation and development express train by participating in the framework of the “Belt and Road” concept.

The launch of the event provided a platform for exchanges and cooperation for all parties involved in the conference. Through economic and cultural exchanges, mutual trust and cooperation were established in learning and mutual learning, mutual understanding was deepened, more opportunities for cooperation and development were created, and common Develop and achieve common prosperity.

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