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Service G20 Emergency Protection
Deqing County Large-scale Emergency Rescue Exercise and Commemoration of the 69th World Red Cross Day
May 8th this year is the 69th World Red Cross Day, the spirit of the Red Cross Society for the promotion of "humanity and devotion", on the morning of May 5th by Deqing County Red Cross, County Public Security Bureau, County Wenguang New Bureau, County Sponsored by the Safety Supervision Bureau, Deqing Today Media Co., Ltd., the County Volunteer Association, the County Red Cross Rescue Team, Antai (Deqing) Fashion Co., Ltd. and other units supported by the "G20 emergency security, Deqing County large-scale emergency rescue drill and memorial 69 The World Red Cross Day was held at the Deqing County Sports Center. Some central media, Zhejiang Daily, Zhejiang Publishing, Zhejiang Online, Hangzhou Daily, Huzhou Daily, Huzhou TV, Deqing News, Deqing TV and other 20 mainstream media recorded this. Second event.


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