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Description:In order to invigorate the cultural life and...

     In order to invigorate the cultural life and enhance physical fitness, our Antai Table Tennis Club represented the company in the table tennis competition organized by the trade union of Deqing Economic Development Zone and the development zone. The participants of this competition are mainly the development zone enterprise units and development zones. school.
On the morning of December 18th, the contestants took part in the competition venue under the leadership of the trade union chairman Jin Jianlin. At 8 o'clock in the morning, the competition kicked off when the development zone was calibrated. The table tennis competition was divided into two singles: men's singles and women's singles. The game was very exciting, and many teams were comparable in strength. From time to time, the game was full of warm cheers.
     Our table tennis clubs had been actively targeted before the game and had previously played against other teams. In the game, the pen-hold, horizontal shot, smash, spin ball, and arc ball have all been well played, and the excitement of "good ball" continues. Because my club members are skilled and calm, they have achieved good results. Among them, He Enzhong of the B workshop won the men's singles championship, Wang Liexia of the quality inspection department won the women's singles runner-up, Wang Chunqiang of the packaging department, Tian Renping of the C workshop, and Cai Qiong of the quality inspection department also won the third prize respectively!
     The athletes actively struggled during the competition, and the spirit of never giving up at the last moment fully promoted the spirit of our Antai people. This kind of hard-working style and spirit will not stagnate because of the end of the game, but will continue to heat up with the progress of the players, injecting new vitality into the cohesion and development of the Antai Taohuazhuang Table Tennis Club!



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