The 2018 Antex Group New Year Party ended successfully

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January 25, 2018
Antex Group's 2018 New Year Gala was opened in the Antai (Deqing) Taohuazhuang Grand Theatre.
     The party was organized by Antex (Deqing) Fashion Co., Ltd., Towoge Culture Media Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Deyu Trading group Shandong Antex Fashion Co., Ltd., Vietnam Antex Fashion Co., Ltd., Suzhou Yitai Clothing Co., Ltd., Antex Agriculture and Forestry Technology Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. jointly organized.
     All the show performers of this evening are from the Antex Group. The wonderful performance drove off the cold of the snow and brought warmth to everyone.


Street dance performances and sings from the mold cup workshop and technical department

Dance "Happy Canteen"


The sneak peek in the sewing workshop and the mime "Crazy Barber" in the embroidery workshop can't help but see at the scene.

Towoge Culture and Media Group's big show "Chinese Dragon" and "Drunk Song"

Qian Zong led his Taohuazhuang band to sing "like a glimpse of the glimpse" to become the focus of the whole party. The audience flashed the flash of the mobile phone and followed the melody, and everyone was deeply intoxicated by the moving song.

Awards and draws


2017 Quality Model

2017 Excellent Team

2017 outstanding collective

2017 annual literary star

2017 Antai Gold Button Award
Qian always gives gold buttons to employees

The winner of the first prize "iphone8" is Antex Yanxin.
The second prize and the third prize were respectively awarded to Shandong Antex and Vietnamese Antex colleagues.

The party ended in the chorus "Our Home"
All the people took a group photo and the Antai Annual Meeting was successfully concluded.

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