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Description:On December 19th, 2015, the second session of “...

On December 19th, 2015, the second session of “Meilan Club” was held in Antex (Deqing) Fashion Co., Ltd., Meilan Club was chaired by Zhu Hongwen, Chairman of Shanghai Chaohua Tools Co., Ltd., Chairman of Antex (Deqing) Fashion Co., Ltd. Qian Anhua, Chairman of Shanghai Panda Machinery Group Co., Ltd. Chi Xuecong, Chairman of Shanghai Polite Composite Materials Co., Ltd. Zhou Wen, Chairman of Shanghai Huier Logistics Group Co., Ltd. Yu Haifeng, Chairman of Shanghai Sanyin Investment Management Co., Ltd. Huang Yinxian and Jinjun Jun of Zhejiang Baisheng Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd. jointly established an entrepreneurial exchange group in 2014.

“Meilan Club” is a joint business management philosophy and common social responsibility; it is a means of deep communication, friendship, unity and cooperation, and common development; to promote corporate spirit, stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm, and assume social responsibility. It is an entrepreneurial group that aims to realize national rejuvenation and build a harmonious world by spreading the business philosophy and promoting exchanges and cooperation.

The “Meilan Club” holds a formal meeting every year, and the venue is rotated between enterprises. The meeting mainly discussed several issues: discussion on the economic environment in 2015; members reported on the development of their respective companies; the meeting conducted in-depth discussions on the domestic and international economic environment after 2015, and reached Consensus and made preliminary development plans.

The meeting specially invited Dr. Guo Meijun to give a special explanation on the current development of creative economy. Guo Meijun, Ph.D. in Economics, Master of Arts. He is currently the deputy director of the John Hawkins Creative Industries Research Center at the Shanghai Theatre Academy, a director of the American Academy of Performing Arts, a visiting scholar at the Queensland University of Technology, and a guest researcher at the Australian Centre for Creative Industries and Innovation. His main research areas include creative economy, creative industry, art management, and investment and financing of creative industries.

Dr. Guo Meijun's arguments for the current creative economy have been recognized by all members. Together, they have studied the feasibility of cultural and creative projects including “Cultural Creative Park”, cinema online movies and variety show, and agreed to further discussion. .14

During the meeting, the value is approaching Christmas. Antex (Deqing) Fashion Co., Ltd. also specially held a special Christmas performance and a stack of tower performances.

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