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Description:On January 7, 2016, Antex Fashion Chairman Qian ...

     On January 7, 2016, Antex Fashion Chairman Qian Anhua was invited to participate in the interview program “Global Finance” recorded by Xinhua News Agency, and discussed the beautiful factory, Taohuazhuang, with the beautiful host Li Dan.
     Previously, an interview group consisting of a number of central media, “Vibrant China·Into the Beautiful Factory” entered Zhejiang Antai (Deqing) Fashion Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Antai Company), visited the new factory of Antai Company, and related to Antai Company. The responsible person conducts in-depth exchanges.
     Walking into Antai's factory, I don't feel that there are thousands of industrial workers living and working here. The green grass is everywhere, the trees are shaded, and a small stream surrounds the entire factory. Here, cultural squares, museums, zoos, libraries, fitness venues, cultural facilities that employees can think of, everything here. The production workshop and staff quarters of Antai Company are located in this “Antai Scenic Area”.
In recent years, Antai has invested more than 16 million yuan in building corporate culture facilities, and strives to create a good working and living environment for employees. This plays a big role in ensuring the stability of employees, and the number of employees continues to expand. The staff has stabilized, the production capacity has naturally increased, and the speed of enterprise development has also increased. Chairman Qian Anhua artificially, "Enterprise culture construction is to continuously create a better life, let the most ordinary employees show their talents on their own stage. The vitality and self-confidence radiated from the employees' faces is the result of corporate culture construction. .
     Someone once asked Qian Anhua, so much effort to provide various facilities for the cultural activities of employees, and even "lead" to lead employees to go abroad to "build cultural construction". This is not a waste of manpower and material resources, no business, so that The benefits of the factory can be guaranteed. However, people who do not understand Qian Anhua’s practices are even less comprehensible. Under the current economic downturn, difficult export, and rising costs, Antai’s benefits have still reached a growth rate of more than 10%.

Qian Anhua said, "Because we believe that only happy people can produce happy products, because of happiness and fashion, because of fashion and happiness, and seeking security inside and outside, this is what they have been pursuing.


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