Antex's 2nd Speech Contest and the "Most Beautiful Anta

Description:To celebrate the 97th anniversary of the...

     To celebrate the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, comprehensively implement the strict management of the party, actively cultivate and practice socialist values, and promote the spirit of the people. On June 30, Antai Company held a "No Unforgettable Heart" in the first floor of the museum. The mission-themed speech contest, on the eve of the "July 1", presented our most sincere wishes to our great party. Representatives from various departments of Antai Company actively participated in the event.

Mr. Qian Anhua, Chairman of the Board, delivered a speech

     During the competition, the players from various departments of Antai Company closely focused on the spirit of the tower and the party building, combined with the work position and their own reality, from the personal growth experience, work, professional insights and other aspects of the classics, with passionate language and powerful The speech, from different perspectives to talk about and share their feelings and gains in life and work.

The performance of the employees of Ethiopia

Group photo of some members of Taohuazhuang Tower Club

"The most beautiful Antai people" awards

     Through fierce competition, the event selected the first, second and third prizes, excellent manuscript awards and other awards, and performed on-site awards. Through this speech contest, it fully demonstrated the spirit of our company's employees, positive and uplifting spirit, and played a role in rallying people's hearts and boosting morale.

     Antai will take this event as an opportunity, not forgetting the original heart, keeping in mind the purpose, not forgetting the mission, sticking to the oath, speaking politics, having faith, speaking rules, discipline, morality, character, dedication, and action, establishing a good image. We will cultivate a good work style, earnestly achieve political qualifications, pass the discipline, pass the morality, and play a role. We will make new contributions to the cause of the party with excellent work performance, and use our own practical actions to set an example for the masses and add to the party’s flag. Glorious, better play the role of the party's battle fortress and the vanguard and exemplary role of party members.

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