Antex spontaneously organizes snow sweeping Winter "war

Description:For the northerners, snow is standard in winter....

     For the northerners, snow is standard in winter. For southerners, snow is awkward for winter. On January 25, 2018, the Deqing people ushered in the first snow in the middle of the shackles, and the heavy snow was raging, and it was white overnight. The entire Deqing was wrapped in snow, and the snow scene was beautiful. We are very beautiful in the snow, and it is amazing.

▲ Taohuazhuang Cultural and Creative Industry Park Snow Scene
     However, the heavy snow brings us beautiful scenery and brings a lot of inconvenience to travel and life. Roads and branches are heavily snowed, which makes travel difficult. Antai has organized an "anti-snow emergency response team" since the 25th, patrolling 24 hours, paying close attention to the snow and the sky.
     On the morning of January 28th, it was supposed to be a weekend at home. After a night of heavy snow, the road cars at the entrance of the Antai factory area were difficult to drive. Antai Administrative Personnel Department and Infrastructure Department form the Pioneer Guard. Antai Party Branch, Taohuazhuang Volunteer Team and various workshop staff responded positively and joined the anti-snow team in the first time.

Antex "Shovel Snow Team" is not afraid of the cold in the cold wind, active, cooperate, and work together, waving the shovel and shovel, you shovel me, a scene of enthusiasm, shovel the snow a little bit Stacking. After hard work, the roads outside the factory were cleaned, which made everyone feel a little better when they walked safely, bringing convenience and comfort to everyone.

▲After the cleaned road surface
     Looking at the cleaned roads of snow, Xiaobian can't help but be proud of them. Here, Xiaobian wants to say to everyone in the snow group, "You are working hard!" Antai is proud of you, there are you, winter is no longer cold!

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