Good news! Antex is nominated for the model candidate list!

Description:"Deqing released" announced\r\n\r\n2015-2017\r\n...

"Deqing released" announced
Deqing County Model Collective Candidate List

Antex (Deqing) Fashion Co., Ltd. was nominated for the model candidate list


Antex (Deqing) Fashion Co., Ltd. 

1. Conscientiously implement the party's line, principles, and policies, thoroughly implement the spirit of the inaugural General Secretary's important speech, and strictly implement the decision-making arrangements of the higher authorities.
2, the leadership team is strong, united and collaborative, courageous to develop, forge ahead, work style, and close contact with the masses.
3. The internal system is sound, the discipline is strict, and the management is standardized.
4. In the past two years, there have been no major accidents, and the members of the unit have not been detained for the above disciplinary actions. There are no criminals who have been criminally detained for violation of the law.

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