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Description:On April 25th, 26th and 28th, Phoenix Travel...

     On April 25th, 26th and 28th, Phoenix Travel takes you to the "Mediterranean" and travels to Spain and Italy to experience the sunshine and wine of the Mediterranean. Phoenix Travel will experience the winemaking of Aviva Winery in Rioja, a well-known wine region in Spain, experience the city of art and madness, Barcelona, ??and then the art capital of Milan, immersed in the designer and artist. City of Sis.
     Feel the special meaning of "the blood of Jesus" on the "pilgrimage road"
     The first stop of the live broadcast, we will come to Rioja, a famous wine region on the banks of the Ebro River in northern Spain. Benefiting from the intersection of two distinct climates, the Atlantic climate and the Mediterranean climate, coupled with the soil properties that are in line with the needs of high-quality winegrowing, Rioja's wines are highly regarded by wine lovers. The local red wine is mainly composed of the grape varieties of Tanjung (Tian Bai Li Road). The alcohol content, color and acidity are very balanced. The wine has a mild and elegant taste. In the new wine stage, the main fruit is rich in fragrance, and after the storage, the wine is presented. Velvety and smooth.

The Phoenix tour will take you to the small town of Ventosa, about 20 km west of Logroño, the capital of Rioja, Spain.(BODEGAS ALVIA)。


     More than a hundred years ago, the ancestors of the winemaker Alfredo Bernáldez planted a large number of vines in the moncalvillo, Huercanos and Cenicero regions, with quite a few and very important vineyards in the area. Spain's famous "pilgrimage road" Santiago Road happens to cross the entire vineyard, and is the only way for a large number of pilgrims, their ancestors built a small winery near the vineyard, and went to the pilgrim Let's share the grape wine together. The whole family is carefully brewed by the traditional winemaking method passed down from generation to generation. With the change of history, the winery has gradually changed hands, and it has gradually formed a large-scale Aiweihua winery.


     The pilgrimage route originated more than 900 years ago and belongs to the United Nations World Cultural Heritage. It is one of the three major pilgrimage sites in Christianity (Jerusalem, Rome, Santiago). The road to Santiago is like a strip of white shells embellished in the middle of the green vineyards of Aviva Winery, especially dazzling.


BODEGAS ALVIA is located in the Upper Rioja district, where the climatic conditions are better than the Rioja district, so the wine has a complex structure with higher acidity and is more suitable for ageing. Centennial vines are also grown here.
"The Architect of God" has devoted his life to the art and the city of madness Barcelona
After learning about the winemaking of Rioja, we will travel to Barcelona, the famous art capital of Spain.
This city on the Mediterranean coast is rich in natural beauty such as the sun and the coast. It also has art treasures left by a group of masters such as Gaudi, Picasso and Dali. It is also hidden in the streets and styles. Amazing, passionate tongue tip.
I am afraid that no one like Gaudi has such a profound influence on the urban style of Barcelona. The genius known as the "architect of God" has devoted his life to making Barcelona the city of the world that combines classical architecture with modern art.

Barcelona is Gaudi's open-air studio, and it attracts the attention of the world thanks to Gaudí and his architecture. Here, you can see Gaudí dedicated to God and nature's Fantasy Temple Sagrada Familia, pouring Gaudí's imaginative apartment Mira's home, mosaic collage of fairytale kingdom Guer Park... walking In this city, it is like being in a huge playground, architecture, art and pedestrians are full of enthusiasm.
Barcelona is also a city of romance. It is the romantic guitar of the moon in the courtyard. It is decorated with various flowers on the Ramblas. It is a young man and woman who loves on the mosaic bench in the ancient Ae Park. It is hidden through the stone corridor. The setting sun is the sun, the Mediterranean and the endless food and wine.
Phoenix Travel will bring you the architectural charm of Gaudí in Barcelona.
Designers and artists of the city of Muse Milan
Ending the trip to Barcelona, ??Phoenix Travel will come to the last stop of the encounter in the Mediterranean: Milan, Italy.
The city of Milan is never lacking in topics, fashion, design, pre-note, art and romance. Words related to good life can be the label of the city.
The fashion week has just passed, and the design week has followed. The city is a city of muse and an artist and designer. It is the romantic capital of fashionable men and women.

The sunshine in Milan in May is just right, sitting on the square of Milan Cathedral, the Italian fashion men and women who seem to come and see the opera of the world's most famous Scala Theatre. Buying the latest season's luxury goods on Monte Napoleon Street is a feeling. A great way to Milan.
In addition to fashion and avant-garde, Milan was also a historic city built 2000 years ago, and it still retains many monuments and elegant traditions. At the same time, it is also a major town of the Renaissance. Da Vinci has left many manuscripts and masterpieces, "The Last Supper", the last sculpture of Michelangelo and the paintings of masters such as Raphael, Titian, Perugino and Picasso. In the various museums of the city.
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