Antex group takes Zhejiang cultural industry as its main development direction, and its business scope covers comprehensive shopping malls, cultural performances, film and television, investment, technology, tourism, import and export trade and other fields of e-commerce!

Founded in 2003, ANTEX Groups has jurisdiction over three core enterprise groups, including ANTEX Fashion Group, DEYU Trading Group and TOWOWGE Culture Media Group. Group headquartered in Deqing, Zhejiang. Business covers fashion industry, international trade, agriculture and forestry science and technology, film and TV culture industry and tourism. After more than ten years of development, it has become a modern large multinational enterprise group.


We love life and we get things done the first time.

【corporate vision】

Build the world's top industrialized tourism factory and become the most respected

The most professional quality and professionalism, can create lasting value for customers

A well-known global company that creates opportunities

for employees and takes responsibility for society

【Our Mission】

Casting the long-term quality and quality of the day; for the enterprise,

the social environment, the harmonious development of the country

【Corporate purposes】

Starting with goodness, taking a long-term view, dare to act

【Enterprise spirit】

Kind, passionate, courteous, determined, capable, happy

【Enterprise development strategy】

Enrich employees' spare time, let employees work,

study and live happily here! Development of industrial tourism

Online online clothing customization

【Business philosophy】

Reviewing products and services that advocate innovation with a long-term strategic vision

Development path

The development of Antex Group has experienced three periods


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